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Backtagging: I can usually backtag for about 2-3 months before I have trouble keeping the thread going, but if we're still making headway, I'm happy to keep going!
Threadhopping: Please ask first! I'm usually down for it but just to be sure.
Fourthwalling: I mean, you can't 4th Wall him any more than he has 4th Walled himself. When tagging out, I like to try and err away from any egregious 4th Walling, outside of "you remind me of..." in the sense that one might be reminded of an actor or a friend.
Offensive subjects: Nothing in particular!

Hugging this character: yes
Kissing this character: yes???
Flirting with this character: oh god (yes)
Fighting with this character: sure?
Injuring this character: ask first!
Killing this character: no
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: ask first!
Kink list: a very vanilla boy